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We would like to thank Mr. Pratap M. Velkar for his Unconditional support and the references from his books "Pathare Prabhunchaa Itihaas".


We would also like to sincerely thank our sponsors
Mr. Lalit M. Kothare & Mrs. Uttara L. Kothare
Dr. Pradyumna V. Kothare & Mrs. Sangeeta P. Kothare
Our thanks to Hon. Shri Pramod S. Navalkar for inaugurating our Site.
We would specially like to thank Mrs. Meghana P. Rane for translating the available information from Marathi to English and for her special articles.
We would sincerely like to thank Mr. Pradeep S. Rane for providing us with the details of the various committees. 
We appreciate the help of Dr. Virsen M. Kotharé & Mrs. Vilasini V. Kotharé
Our sincere thanks to Prof. Madhusudan M. Bhatt (H.O.D. Computer Dept., K.C. College) for whom the saying "You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him with curiosity, he will continue his learning process as long as he lives" by Clay P. Bedford aptly applies. 
We also appreciate the help of Ms Payal P. Rane for the opening article.
Thank- you to all those people (Pathare Prabhus as well as non Pathare Prabhus) for helping us build this web-site and providing valuable criticism & encouragements for this site.

Tejas & Amit

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