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Prabha Devi (Shakhambari Devi) Temple -- (Prabha Devi Road)
Down the road form Siddhivinayak is the 285-year- old Prabhadevi temple that leads its name to the locality. Built in 1715, this 18th century temple has a very interesting history behind it.
Maheshwaridevi Temple -- (Navi-Wadi)
Approximately since 1848 the place where the temple stands today and the area behind it belonged to Shri Ramchandra Raghunathji Trilokekar. The northern corner of the temple contains a phallus shaped mound which is supposed to be the self-raised idol of the Maheshwaridevi.
Maheshwaridevi Temple -- (Rajasthan)
The genesis of worship of mother-goddess can be traced to the remote past. The earliest extent depiction of a group of Matrkas (Divine mothers) in Indian sculpture may be pushed back safely to the Kusana period. This cult, however, became popular during the Gupta an subsequent periods.
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