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Topan-Naava (Nick-names)

We youths have the tendency to call our friends with nicknames. But our community has excelled in this field too. Many families or certain person of the family in the Pathare Prabhu community were called by Topa Naava (nick names as we know them). The Topan Nava could be due to various reasons, the way a persons name sounded, a funny incident in which he was involved, his appearance or just because he belonged to a particular family. 
This section is in typical sense of humour of the Pathare Prabhu Community. The person concerned should take it lightly. We do not intend to harm anybodies sentiments.


Topan Naava
Amber Tapyaa   Anna Phokhandyaa  
Arabi Ghode   Baadshah  
Baba Nali  Badak
Baailya Naaryaa Baalam
Chakappaa   Chaplyaa
Chimkoti Bali Chilivaale 
Faatka Barister   Gabolyaa
Godi Bataatyaa   Godi Shetty
Gogo   Gotyaa Master  
 Gulabi Ghar   Harchand Safarchand
Jhanjhi Kaan Bokyaa  
Kancholi Kawle Rane
Khaanis  Khandu Upaasni  
Lawaale  Owli Kaalchi  
Panshali Bai Pagdyaa
Pasodya Popat
Palangya Rasana Rani 
Rakhaadyaa Saahiba
Sakhaa Tuntunya  Shivaji Babu Bhujane
Shyam Topi Sinha
Shivram Tattu Tad Waadya
Thomas Black
Not only these but our community did not even spare George the V !!!!!! He was called as PanchamGeorge.
Moreover a song was composed using the above names
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