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Parbhi Barse

One need not be told how enthusiastic Pathare Prabhus are. Then how can they be left behind in celebrating the birth of a child, and Barse being the first occasion to be celebrated for the new born child, it is done in a traditional Pathare Prabhu grandeur.
Muhurta (Wadi)
This is done during the 5th month of the pregnancy. Ganpati Pujan is performed and 'Panchagnne' ritual is carried out. The 'Batasa' are distributed to people, gifts are given to the wife and the husband. This is known as 'Garvaricha Sohalaa'. Nowadays this ritual is not carried out.
During the 7th month of pregnancy, an auspicious day is selected to carry out the ritual of 'Muhurta'. The 'Muhurta' is first done at the husband's place. In the olden days, on this day 'Ganpati Pujan', 'Punya Varchan',  'Navagraha Shanti' etc. rituals used to be performed. Nowadays only the 'Aarti' is performed.
Relatives and friends are  invited for lunch and the special sweet-dishes for the day are 'Shevaya' (made from steamed rice flour and coconut kheer) and 'Ukdiche Modak'.
The pregnant woman is served with two 'Modaks'. One of them is filled with 'Ladoo' and other with 'Karanji". It is presumed that what she bites will decide  whether it will be a boy or a girl (Ladoo for a boy and Karanji for a girl). This is just a gimmick. A non-vegetarian lunch is served thereafter. In the evening the would be mother is dressed up either like 'apsara' or   'bhillin' or 'shakuntala' or 'parvati' or 'kolin' etc. This is  called as 'Wadi Bharne'.
The expecting mother is then called by the relatives for lunch and gifts are given to her. During the 7th or 9th month of pregnancy, an invitation is sent to the expecting mother from her mother's  side. Along with the invitation coconuts and 'batasa' are sent to  her in-laws house. Half of these coconuts and batasa  are kept at her  in- laws place and remaining half are returned  to her mother's place .
Javaa and Satti
After the birth of Baby, 'Puja' is performed on the 5th day. On a 'Rangoli' a 'Paat' is kept. On this 'paat' 11 betel leaves are kept, if the new born is a baby boy and 10 betel leaves if the new born is a baby girl. Then 'Kaajal' is applied at the tip of every leaf. 'Halad-Kunku', boiled chanas and sweet coconut (soy) is kept on these leaves. Beside this paat a 'Chaurang' is kept on which the puja of 'Satti Devi' is done. Later a blank paper, pen and ruler is kept on this 'Chaurang'. It is believed that 'Satti Devi' writes the fate of the child on this paper at night. Later a 'Jivati' (Locket) is worn around the child. The betel leaves with Chanas and  Sweet coconut soy are distributed to small children.
Tenth Day
On the tenth day the new born is given a bath in a 'thala' brought by the child's Atya (Aunty). The Atya also brings new clothes,  bucket, towel, soap with soap box and  sari ,towel, sapatas (type of slippers) etc. for the mother. The Atya performs the Aarti of the mother and the new born.
The Day of Barse
This is usually done on the 12th day but nowadays it is done on convenient day. On this day a 'Paalna' (cradle) is kept on a 'rangoli'. Four 'Batasa' are kept at the base of the four legs of the paalna. The atya and kaki then exchange the child below and above the paalna. Then the maushi and mami follow the same procedure. The atya then keeps the child in the paalna and gives him a grain of sugar and utters the previously decided child's  name in his ear. The child's Maushi then repeats the procedure. The Atya, Kaki & Aaji of the child and other relatives bring different clothes, toys, gold ornaments, silver ornaments, silver utensils and arrange them in Thalas. Saris are given to child's atya kaki and aaji by the child's maternal grandmother. Masala milk is served to the guests and Batasa are distributed on the occasion.
40th Day
On this day the new born and his mother are taken out of the house for the first time since the child's birth (This may not be relevant in current times). The new mother comes out of 'Suyer' on the 40th day. Later on an auspicious day the child and his mother are invited by his paternal parents to their home. Clothes are sent to the child with this invitation. Saris are also sent to the new mother and her relatives. Along with this coconuts and 'batasa' are also sent. When the child departs to his grandparents house, he is given clothes , toys, ornaments etc. by his maternal grandparents ( Nowadays these are given on the day of barse ).
At the  age of 6 months 'Jaiwal' (hair cutting ceremony) of a male child is done. This is now done even after one year. The first birthday of the child is celebrated and the child is usually dressed up  like 'Balkrishna', this is called  'Wadi'.

Mrs. Meghana (Shaila) P.  Rane, Tejas P. Rane

& Amit P. Kotharé

Muhurta (Wadi)
Javaa and Satti
Tenth Day
The Day of Barse
40th Day

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