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Junagad Ahinalvaad Patan’s Pathane Prabhu - Pathare Prabhu
Balaram Krishnanath Dhurandhar made a great & detailed research in the history of Pathare Prabhus and published an article in Prabhu Masik (first newspaper of the Pathare Prabhus) in 1909-10.
The article in short reads as follows:
Even though people say that we have come from Mungi Paithan, our Mungi Paithan not being on the banks of the Godavari but being near Junagadh in Kathevaad has a greater probability. Later our people spread to Somnath Patan and its neighbouring areas.
In the year 1024 A.D. when Mohammad of Gazni attacked and destroyed the Somnath Temple in Prabhaas Patan, Solanki Ahinalvaad's Raja Bimba came with his army to protect the Temple. He lost the battle and fled to the capital of Ahinalvaad Patan. Our people followed him. Bimba raja ruled Patan till 1027 A.D. In 1297 A.D. when Allahuddin Khilji took control of the kingdom of Ahinalvaad Patan, the Prabhus there fled to South and took refugee in the Southern kingdom of Ramdevrao Yadav in Devgiri (Daulatabad). They joined his army. Later under the leadership of Allahuddin Khilji, Mohammad Tughlak attacked Devgiri. In the battle that followed Raja Ramdevrao and many Patane Prabhu Sardars were killed.
Ramdevrao had three sons; Keshavraj, Bimbadev & Pratapshah. Bimbadev moved towards Konkan in the North, defeated and killed Naroji Shirpe and took over his kingdom at Kelve Mahim and Vasai. He then attacked and took over Thane where Yeshwantrao ruled. further he divided his entire kingdom into twelve parts and appointed Suryavanshi Prabhu Sardars who had accompanied him to rule over those provinces. In this way up to 1332, Patan’s Prabhus alias Patane Prabhus alias Pathare Prabhus lived a luxurious life at Kelve Mahim.
A notice given by Nawab Chaand Khan of Daman in the Arabic script implies that when Bimbadev heard about his father Ramdevrao’s defeat by Allahuddin Khilji, he along with his Rajguru Purshottam Kawle, eleven noble men and his army fled via the sea route. He reached Bombay by conquering Parner, Barapaardi, Sanjaan, Daman, Bordi etc. The commander-in-chief of Bimbadev’s army was Gangadharpant Nayak, who was a Patane Prabhu Sardar. The reference of Bimbadev ruling Kelve Mahim & Vasai can be found out in the notice inscribed on a copper plate (Taamrapat) given by Mohammad Dalil to the Patane Prabhus, which has been endorsed by Shrimat Shankaracharya as stated in his consent letter.
History gives reference of four famous historical figures named “Bimba”
`Bimba’, who was the king of Ahinalvaad.
`Bhola Bhimdev’.
`Son of the King Ramdevrao Yadav of Devgiri (Daulatabad).
Bimbadev of Konkan
The third Bimbadev (i.e. the son of King Ramdevrao Yadav) in the above list, ought to be our king Bimbadev according to the above-mentioned Taamrapat given in 1455.
To find out where did Pathare Prabhu come from? Or whom do Pathare Prabhu resemble? One can co-relate the Gujarati words in our Parbhi language. There is also a similarity between the traditions of the two communities.

Courtesy:  Pathare Prabhuncha Itihaas (Pratap M. B. Velkar)

Translators : Mr. Tejas P. Rane & Mr. Amit P. Kotharé

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