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Pathare Prabhu Traditions Similar to other Castes
Pathare Prabhus sprinkle water on Gods using a mango leaf during marriage ceremony. This is a Rajput tradition.
Pathare Prabhu 'Kohale Rastaat'. In Gujarati, it is called 'Kohale Rahesavu'
Pathare Prabhu 'Navraanavris poravtaat'. In Gujarati it is called 'Puravatu'
On the day of the marriage, the brides father invites the groom for the marriage at the groom's residence. This is called 'Paaypaakhni' by Pathare Prabhus. This tradition has come from Gujarat.
The groom wears a 'Paalnet', carries a knife and rides a horse to go to the brides residence. This is a gujarati tradition.
When the groom reaches the brides residence, the brides father circles the horse and waves a lamp in front of the grooms head ('Ovaarne'). This is a Rajput Tradition.
Pathare Prabhus give a dress to the brother-in-law of the groom. Rajputs give 'Inaam' instead.
During the marriage ceremony, the bride grooms legs are washed. This tradition is also present in the Rajputs.
During the marriage ceremony, along with the 'Antarpaat', Pathare Prabhus hold a sword. Rajputs also do the same things.
After the marriage Pathare Prabhus give 'Chaandlaa' to the bride & groom. 'Chaandlaa' is a Gujarati word.
Prabhu ladies wear 'Kamarpatta' & 'Vela'. These are Rajput Ornaments
Parbhi 'Paagotaas' are found in Kathevaad and not in Maharashtra. These 'Paagotaas' are called 'Kathevaadi Paagote' by the Gujaratis.
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