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Sujan's Exhibition of Portraits
5th June 2001
The well-known artist of our community Shri Sujan Rane is holding  an exhibition of his portraits in oil of the Indian Classical Music Celebrities at The Nehru Center Air-conditioned Art Gallery on  June 5th  2001. The Exhibition was inaugurated by distinguished classical singer Dr. Pt. Firoz Dastur of the Kirana Gharana. The function started sharp at 5 p.m. with Dr. Pt. Firoz Dastur lighting the lamp.
Among the few invitees noted were Shri Pramod S. Navalkar, Shri Pratap M. B. Velkar, Shri Mukund Vijayakar, Ms. Poonam Kurdikar, gazal singer Shri Rajendra Mehta, sitarist Arvind Parikh, actress Ms. Aradhana Deshpande, singer Chandrakant Limaye & Sudha Divekar and others.
Exhibits placed up were :

Portrait Name       


Balgandharva (Narayan Rajhans) - stage actor, singer 1985
Khansaheb Vilayat Khan  - sitar player 2000
Bharat Ratna Bismillah Khan - shahanai player 1999
Zhakir  Hussain - tabla player 1999
Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar - playback singer (films) 1989
Begum Akhtar - ghazal singer 1992
Ramkrishnabua Vaze - Gwalior Gharana 1992
Balkrishnabua Ichalkaranjikar - Gwalior Gharana 1985
Savai Gandharva ( ) - Kirana Gharana 2001
Khansaheb Abdul Karim Khah - Kirana Gharana 1989
Khansaheb Allahdiya Khan (Atrauli) -Jaipur Gharana 1985
Mogubai Kurdikar (Atrauli) -Jaipur Gharana 2000
Khansaheb Faiyaz Khan  - Agra Gharana 1992
Khansaheb Bade Gulamali Khan - Patiala Gharana 1994
Khansaheb Amir Khan  - Indore Gharana 1985
Pt. Bhimsen Joshi - Kirana Gharana 1996
Dr. Pt. Firoz Dastur - Kirana Gharana 1995
Gangubai Hangal - Kirana Gharana 2001
Hirabai Badodekar - Kirana Gharana 2000
Pt. Jasraj - Mewati Gharana 2001
Shri Sujan Rane has been invited by The  Brihan Maharashtra Mandal of USA & Canada to hold an exhibition of his portraits in their Convention to be held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada from June 29th to July  2nd 2001. He will be holding similar exhibitions in USA, UK, France subsequently.

Tejas P. Rane & Amit P. Kotharé.

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