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Felicitation To Padmashree Dr Sadashivrao Gorakshakar

22nd February 2003
 “Pay & Eat” programme was organized by Prabhu Prabhat and Pathare Prabhu Social Samaj in honour of Dr. Sadashivrao Gorakshakar, to felicitate him on his being awarded “Padmashree” by the  Government of India at “The Pathare Prabhu Charities Sabhagruha Sankul” Andheri.
Dr. Gorakshakar was the curator for the Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya formally The Prince of Wales Museum for several years and has rendered yeoman service to the museum in the form of research, adding rare articles, gathering information on various historical events, collecting antique and writing books on different topics.
On Dr. Gorakshakar’s arrival at 8:00 p.m. clock crackers were burst. Then 16 Suhasinis performed an aarti of Dr. Sadashivrao Gorakshakar and Mrs. Geeta Gorakshakar.
Prabhu Prabhat’s President Mr. Sham Jayakar put on Pathare Prabhus ‘Pagadi’ on Dr Gorakshakar’s head & presented him shawl. Dr. (Smt.) Sunil Rane then read out and presented ‘Scroll of Honour’ to Dr Gorakshakar which was released in his honour. Pathare Prabhu Social Samaj’s president Mr. Ajit Talpade presented Dr Gorakshakar ‘Lamandiva’, Bouquet and Sweets.
Uniquely this function was like a Get together as there were no speeches in Dr. Gorakshakar’s honour. For almost three and half hours people enjoyed talking to each other. This unique idea was the Master Mind of Shri Pramod Navalkar. Buffet dinner was served.

Report By: Mrs. Meghana (Shaila) P.Rane 

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