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1st May Prabhu Prabhat Vardhaapan Din
1st May 2003
The 81st foundation day of Prabhu Prabhat was celebrated on Tuesday, May 1, 2003, at Sahitya Sangha Mandir with the noted cinema & stage artist Sau Mrunal Kulkarni as the Chief Guest. The program began with 'Ishstavan'. Parbhat's President Mr. Sham Jayakar gave the inaugural speech. 
Hon. Mr Pramod Navalkar introduced the chief guest and also thanked the Prabhu Tarun and Pathare Prabhu Mahila Samaj for felicitating him for his completing fifty years in writing.
Then Sau Mrunal Kulkarni gave the awards to the awardees.
The list is as follows:

Vidhyeshwari Puraskar - In Memory of Sharad Shrikrishnanath Dalvi

Mr. Anil M. Vijayakar


Vidhyeshwari Puraskar - In Memory of Manohar Shamrao Dharadhar

Mr. Pradeep K. Talpade


Vidhyeshwari Puraskar - In Memory of Shalakha Arunprabha Dalvi

Ms. Smita K. Vazkar


Dhanvantri Gold Medal - In Memory of Yeshwantrao Kirtikar

Dr. Sunil D. Agaskar


Art Gold Medal - In Memory of Chitrasen Talpade

Mr. Praveen M. Rane


Social Service Gold Medal - In Memory of Motiram Nayak

Mr. Shubash D. Rao


Service to Sports Gold Medal - In Memory of Purnachandra Rao

Mr. Subash V. Kirtikar


Service to Literature Gold Medal - In Memory of Bhagwan Mankar

Ms. Anjali R. Navalkar


Prabhu Prabhat encouragement award

Mr. Shreyas Talpade

Prabhat board also gave a memento of felicitation to Mr. Pramod S. Navalkar.
In her speech Sau Mrunal Kulkarni appreciate the social activities of the Pathare Prabhu Community, and was honoured to know the fact that the chief guest of this function was considered as the member of the Pathare Prabhu community. In a humorous she also appraised Shreyas Talpade and expressed her desire to visit every awardee for Parbhi Lunch.
Later the play 'All The Best - Ultimate' entertained the audience.
Sau Swati P. Rane compared  the show. In true sense it was a fabulous evening.
Reported by - Ms. Meghana (Shaila) P Rane
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