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1st May Prabhu Prabhat Vardhaapan Din
1st May 2001
The 79th foundation day of Prabhu Prabhat was celebrated on Tuesday, May 1, 2001, at Sahitya Sangha Mandir with the noted cinema & stage artist Shri Sudhir Joshi as the Chief Guest. After introducing the chief guest Hon. Shri Pramod S. Navalkar said that we have all heard about people having ownership flats but this the only place (Sahitya Sangh Mandir) in the world where people sit in the same seat year after year. In short they own their seats. He further said that not only the old people but even the younger generation of the Pathare Prabhu Community are interested in maintaining our heritage. With that he announced the opening of the 1st website of the Pathare Prabhu Community which has been developed by Tejas Pradeep Rane & Amit Pradyumna Kothare . Mr. Sudhir Joshi then gave away the Prabhat Pratishthan Awards.
The awards given were as follows:

Viddheshwari Puraskars

Shri Suresh Shamrao Kothare – Kala Puraskar
Dr. Sanjeeva Vishnu Dhurandhar – Vidnyan Puraskar
Dr. (Smt.) Sunil Arvind Rane – Shikshan Puraskar

Gold Medallist

Dr. Subhash Balaram Rane – Dhanvantari Gold Medal
Mrs. Smita Mohan Jaykar – Kalopasak Gold Medal
Mr. Sham Vinayak Jaykar – Social Service Gold Medal
Mr. Abhay Purshottam Kirtikar – Sports Gold Medal
Mrs. Sushila Dinkar Kothare – Aai Gold Medal
Dr. (Smt.) Suman Suvarnakumar Navalkar – Sahitya Seva Gold Medal

In his short speech, Mr. Joshi said that he felt sorrow that no one in his community recognized his talent by conferring him with any awards. He was also happy that when the stage & drama industry was in doldrums, it was the Pathare Prabhu Community, which had come forward to support it.


After that the famous singer and music-director Shri Shridhar S. Phadke regaled the audience by his melodious songs. Time flew by as the audience was completely captivated by his soothing voice and simple yet effective orchestra. The maestro began with the song ‘Omkar Swaroopa Sadguru Samartha’. He further sang ‘Mite Andhaarache Jale’, ‘Ek dhaaga sukhacha’, ‘Bharun Bharun’, etc. The entire audience joined him chanting the name ‘Pandurang’ in the Bhairavi ‘Vittal Avadi Prem Bhaave’ which was the final song in the sequence.


After the interval Shri Pramod S. Navalkar himself presented a one-man drama named ‘Ase Aamhi, Ase Aamhi’. He presented the various experiences of himself & Mr. Manohar Joshi in their political life. The entire audience was immersed in a fountain of laughter.


Sau Swati P. Rane’s compering for the evening was marvelous. In true sense it was a fabulous evening.


Ms. Shaila P. Rane

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