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Pathare Prabhu Social Samaj
12th October 2003
The first meeting of the newly elected members of the Pathare Prabhu Social Samaj was held on Sunday 12th October 2003 in the Kamalabai Brahmandkar Hall, Thakurdwar at 11:30 a.m.
Mr. Pradeep Rane proposed the name of Ms. Vrinda Jayakar to be the Chairperson until the new President was appointed. This was seconded by Mr. Yogesh Rao.
Ms Vrinda Jayakar occupied the chair and called upon the new committee to elect the President. Mr. Dilip Jayakar was unanimously elected as the new President.  For the Vice-President, Mr. Pradeep Rane's name was proposed by Mr. Yogesh Rao and seconded by Ms. Meghana Rane  and Mr. Praveen Rane's  name was proposed by Ms. Subodh Pradhan and seconded by Mr. Amar Ajinkya
After voting by ballot Mr. Pradeep Rane was elected as  the Vice-President with a margin of two votes. Ms. Subodh Pradhan proposed the name of Mr. Sunil Satyendranath Kothare for the post of Hon. Joint Secretary. He was unanimously elected. Mr. Rakesh Rane and Mr. Santosh Navalkar were appointed as Internal Auditors of the Social Samaj.
The Finance-sub-Committee consisting of all the Executives and Ms. Meghana Rane, Mr. Yogech Rao and Mr. Shailendra Talpade was formed. The Program-sub-committee consisting of all the Executives and Ms. Swati Rane, Mr. Praveen Rane, Ms. Pooja Ajinkya, Mr. Amar Ajinkya, Mr. Sheetal Talpade and Mr. Atul Nayak was formed.

Reported by - Ms. Shaila P. Rane

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