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Pathare Prabhu Social Samaj
5th October 2003
The general body meeting of the Pathare  Prabhu Social Samaj was held on Sunday 5th October 2003  in the Suresh Vithal Memorial Hall, at Thakurdwar.
In the absence of a full quoram, the meeting was adjourned for half an hour and was conducted at 4.30 p.m.
The Secretary of the Samaj, Mr. Sunil Satyendranath Kothare read the circular. He then read and proposed the minutes of the General Body meeting for the year 2002 which were seconded by Mr. Shailesh Vijayakar. Mr. Kothare then read and proposed the Annual Report.
Mr. Pradeep S. Rane then read and proposed the accounts for the year and was seconded by Mr Shailedra Talpade. The annual Report and accounts were passed unanimously in the meeting.
This was followed by the elections for the next term for the committee of the Pathare Prabhu Social Samaj. The 12 members elected after the elections were as follows:
Mr Pravin Rane
Mr Shailendra Talpade
Mr Dilip Jayakar
Mr Pradeep Rane
Mr Sunil Kothare
Mr Amar Ajinkya
Mr Yogesh Rao
Ms Swati Rane
Ms Swati Jayakar
Ms Meghana Rane
Ms Pooja Ajinkya
Ms Shreya Talpade
The meeting was disclosed at 7.30 p.m .

Reported by: Ms. Shaila P. Rane

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