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Eeyea Parbhaanchi Ye Nagari
13th May 2001
As  part of centenary year celebrations of The Pathare Prabhu Charities a variety entertainment programme "Eeyea Parbhanchi Ye Nagari" was organized by The Pathare Prabhu Charities on Sunday, May 13, 2001, at  the Dinanath Mangeshkar Natya Gruha at Ville Parle with the noted stage, serial & film actor and director Shri Sachin Pilgaonkar as the Chief Guest.
The programme started with a 'Ganesh Vandana' and 'Saraswati Vandana' by Shri Mukundrao Vijayakar. The artists for the day who were between 4 -75 years of age were present on the stage during the programme. They then swayed on Shri Vijayakar's version of the song 'Aai Yai Ya Suku Suku'. 
The comperers for the day were Mr. Shreyas Talpade & Ms. Pooja Ajinkya. The first item on the list of entertainment programme was Atul Nayak's one act play 'Janma Bhutaachaa' 
Shreyas Talpade then sang 'Aamhi Sokaaji Sokaaji'.
After that Ms. Nandita Dhurandhar performed a record dance on the song  'Chum Chum Naachat Aai Bahaar'. Her group then danced to the tune of Western Music. 'Mangala Gauri' songs were then performed by ladies (both young & old) of our community.
In a short speech Shri Sachin Pilgaonkar praised the oldest residents of Mumbai. He further quoted "Contrary to the popular belief that Mr. Mahesh Kothare is my rival, he is a very good friend of mine". He was later interviewed by Shreyas Talpade were he declared that Sachin Dev Burman was his father's inspiration for his name.
The song 'Holia May Ude Re Gulal' was then performed by small girls. This song  was choreographed by Ms. Dhurandhar.
After the interval Mr. Veerpal Rane addressed the crowd, thanking them for their co-operation and support which they had provided the Charities for the last hundred years. The next program was a musical drama 'Sangeet Saubhadra' directed by Mr. Manumir. This drama was produced by Dr. Gajanan Vijayakar & Ms. Shruti P. Vijayakar.  Mr. Pradeep Rane was on the tabla and was accompanied by Mr. Shrirang Tembe on the harmonium.
The programme concluded with the musical play 'Aamchya Saarkhe Aamich. The play was produced by Mr. Sheetal Talpade & Ms. Smruti Talpade.
The Artists of the day were:
Shri Mukundrao Vijayakar, Shri Pradeep S. Rane, Shri Shrirang Tembe
Shreyas Talpade, Pooja Ajinkya
Ms. Nandita Dhurandhar, Ms. Ekta Dhurandhar, Ms. Namita Navalkar, Ms. Namrata Navalkar, Ms. Nivedita Nayak, Ms. Nishita Nayak, Ms Disha Dhairyawan, Ms Bhakti Dhairyawan, Ms Payal Ajinkya, Mr. Nitin Kothare, Mr. Prasad Kothare, Mr. Yogesh Rao, Mr. Alhad Ajinkya, Ms. Shefali Vijaykar, Ms. Medha Nayak, Ms. Nutan Nayak, Ms. Rajashree Kothare, Ms. Chandani Dhurandhar, Ms. Unnati Vyavaharkar, Ms. Tejashree Kothare, Ms. Shubhangi Kothare, Ms Shilpa Dhurandhar, Ms. Suman Navalkar, Ms. Tanvi Talpade, Ms. Shraddha Kothare
Master Tanmay Vijayakar, Master Rajas Rane,  Master Niket Navalkar, Master Anvay Desai, Miss  Prerna Mankar, Miss Priyanka Kothare, Miss Shwetali Vijayakar, Miss. Mitali Vijayaka
Mr. Sheetal Talpade, Ms. Smruti Talpade, Mr. Amar Ajinkya, Mr. Atul Nayak, Ms. Aishwarya Vyavaharkar, Ms. Varda Velkar, Ms. Krupa Nayak, Mr. Dishant Nayak, Dr. Pavan Kirtikar, Mr. Aseet Talpade, Mr. Bhushan Rane, Mr. Rashmin Rane, Mr. Ashwin Pradhan, Mr. Swapnil Kirtikar, Mr. Sameer Talpade, Mr. Nikhil Navalkar, Ms. Sushmita Kothare, Ms. Mruga Kothare, Ms. Gauri Kothare, Ms. Dipti Dhurandhar, Mr. Rajas Wazkar, Mr Tejal Jayakar, Ms. Priyanka Prabhakar & Ms. Roma Rane.
Organised By Mr. Vihang Nayak

- Tejas Rane & Amit Kothare

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