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Pathare Prabhu Charities Centenary Year Celebrations
7th October 2001
The ongoing celebrations of the Pathare Prabhu Charities reached its grandeur on Sunday 7th October, 2001 at the Dinanath Mangeshkar Natya Gruha. As per the dress code the Pathare Prabhu men and women  in their traditional attire assembled at the ' Green House' hotel at Vile Parle at 9:30 a.m. They were served with cold-drinks and the women were given gazaraas. Five Suhasinis (married women) performed the Aarti of the Bali Raja.
The procession started at 9:30 a.m. In the forefront of the procession was the Palkhi  carrying the statue of Bali Raja. On the way members of the Yuva Manch burst crackers. The procession reached Dinanath Mangeshkar Natya Gruha at 9:45 a.m. 
Hon. Chief Minister of Maharashtra Shri Vilasrao Deshmukh  who was the chief guest of the function arrived at 10:00 a.m
Shri Pramod Navalkarand other Pahare Prabhu members welcomed the chief  guest and petals of flowers were showered on him. Shri Navalkar put the traditional Pathare Prabhu Pagadi  on the Chief Minister's head. Then an Aarti of the Chief Minister was performed by five Prabhu ladies.
All the trustees of The Pathare Prabhu Charities and editor of Prabhu Tarun (Shri Vihang Nayak) accompanied the Hon. Chief Minister to the stage. Ms. Tejashree Kale sang 'Ishastavan'. In his speech Shri Veerpal Rane said that the Charities had three buildings in 1901, when the Charities was formed, but as on date it has fourteen buildings, six temples, one Health Resort (Panchgani) and five Halls. He also mentioned that the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of the Charities were graced with the presence of the then governor of Maharashtra Shri Shriprakash.
Then Shri Pramod Navalkar felicitated the Chief Minister by giving him a Shawl, Bouquet and coconut. Shri Veerpal Rane did the same honours to Shri Pramod Navalkar.
Shri Pramod Navalkar then addressed the gathering and cited an incident which took place in the Vidhan Sabha where Shri Navalkar asked the chief ministers 19 to 20 questions in a few seconds to which the Chief Minister spontaneously replied in a few seconds. He also mentioned that it was for the first time that a Chief Minister had presided over a Pathare Prabhu Community's function.
Shri Vilasrao Deshmukh then released the Souvenir 'Pathare Prabhu Charities Shatak Mahotsav Smaranika'. This souvenir has the achievements and the work carried out by the charities over the last century  after its  formation on 22nd September 1901. It also includes the profiles of the great men and women of our community.
In his speech Shri Deshmukh highlighted the fact that he and Shri Navalkar were sitting side by side on  the common platform without any arguments though everyday they sit opposite to each  other in the Vidhan Sabha. He praised Shri Navalkar by saying that he is "Jatiche Bhushan" (pride of the community), "Ashtapailu Vyaktimatva" (multi-facet personality) and "Shabdo-Prabhu" (good Orator). He also said that Shri Navalkar had inherited all his qualities from his community. Describing the Pathare Prabhu community, he said that this community has a rich heritage which they are maintaining not only in Mumbai but throughout the world. He further added that this small community with a population of ten-twelve thousand is crazy about dramatics, classical music and good literature.
Then Shri Deshmukh announced the Prabhu Shri and Prabhu Shrimati  viz. Shri Yogesh S.Rao and Sau. Archana  J. Vijayakar respectively. Shri Vihang Nayak then announced the various gifts given by various sponserers to the winners. The gifts included

Ganapati frame from Chintamani Jewellers

Holiday Package from Jogeshwari Resort
Two tickets for Bharat Dabholkar's Play
Trousers from SHEETAL
Slacks and Tops from SPLASH
Wrist Watches from Shri Srinath Pawaskar
and unusual gifts like  1 Kg. Garlic, Bedekar's Pickles, Potatoes, Kirtikar's  Parbhi Masala. one coconut, Lijjat's Papad, Tel Poli, a Watermelon and a Bhopala (Melon) from Prabhu Prabhat and Prabhu Tarun.
After the Interval the welknown Orchestra 'UTSAV'  performed.

- Tejas P. Rane & Amit Kothare

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