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Pathare Prabhu Mahila Samaj

27th July 2003
The various competition of the Pathare Prabhu Mahila Samaj were held on Sunday 27th July 2003 at the Suresh Vithal memorial Hall, Thakurdwar at 4.00 pm.
Inaugural speech was delivered by Mahila Samaj's President Ms. Vrinda Jayakar.
The various competitions which were held are as follows :
Stitching Competition
Stitching Competition in memory of Late Ms Putalabai Dadajee Dhakajee Rane, Late Ms Nanibai Ramarao Rao, Late Ms Chitra Bhagawan Kothare Subject 6"X6" 3 piece Wall-Hanging.
Participants :
Ms Ujwala Mankar
Ms Shilpa Dhurandhar
Ms Surupa (Rane) Devrukhkar
Dr. Ms Suman Navalkar
Ms Shefali Vijayakar
Ms Sujata Kothare.
Ms Shilpa Dhurandhar won the competition's first prise followed by Dr. Ms Suman Navalkar and Dr. Ms Suman Navalkar.

Cross Stitch Competition


Cross Stitch Competition in memory of Late Ms Laxamibai Dhurandhar, Late Ms Gulubai Agaskar, Late Ms Kusum Ganapatrao Pradhan, Ms Kusum Dattatraya Talpade.


 Participants :

Dr. Ms Suman Navalkar
Ms Shilpa Dhurandhar
Ms Surupa (Rane) Devrukhkar
Ms Rashmi Dhurandhar
Ms Sujata Kothare
Ms Yadula Talpade

Ms Shefali Vijayakar.

Ms Shefali Vijayakar won the first prize. The second and the third prize were bagged by Ms Shilpa Dhurandhar and Dr. Ms Suman Navalkar respectively.

Elocution Competition

Elocution Competition (Marathi) in memory of Late Ms Sonabai Shamrao Jayakar, Late Ms Kesharbai Madhukar Jayakar, Late Mr. Shamrao Balkrishna Senjit.

Subject for Ladies : Your opinion on the serial on Doordarshan about Illicit Relationship.


(Marathi) Participant:

Ms Surupa (Rane) Devrukhkar
Dr. Ms Suman Navalkar
Ms Sneha Navalkar
Ms Chitra Dhurandhar
Ms Mangala Kothare
Ms Swapana Jayakar
Ms Hema Jayakar


Dr. Ms Suman Navalkar was judged for the first prize when Ms Swapana Jayakar and Ms Hema Jayakar took the second and third place respectively.
Elocution Competition (English) in memory of Late Mr. Shamarao B. Rane, Late Mr. Sumant Vazkar, Late   Ms Rohini C. Vijayakar. 
Subject for Girls :  My Favorite Festival.
(English) Participant :
Ms Tanamayi Vijayakar
Ms Khyati Velkar
Ms Shruti Jayakar
The winners were in the following order : Ms Khyati Velkar, Ms Shruti Jayakar, Ms Tanamayi Vijayakar.
Elocution Competition (Hindi) in memory of Late Lanubai Parmanand Rane.
Subject for Ladies : My life's most Happiest Moment
(Hindi) Participant :
Ms Surupa (Rane) Devarukhkar
Dr. Ms Suman Navalkar
Ms Swapana Jayakar
Ms Sneha Navalkar
Ms Mangala Kothare
Ms Neeta Jayakar
Ms Hema Jayakar
Ms Neeta Jayakar took the first place. Ms Swapana Jayakar stood second and Ms Surupa (Rane) Devarukhkar stood third.
Dr. Ms Suman Navalkar then recited self composed poems for small children. Coffee was served to the members there after.

Reported by -- Ms. Uttara L. Kothare

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