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We Tejas P. Rane & Amit P. Kotharé welcome you to our site The basic objective behind creating this site is that India is a country of UNITY IN DIVERSITY. This diversity is seen in its various landscapes, rivers, mountains, climatic conditions etc. People here of different religions and communities live in harmony. Among such communities is our Pathare Prabhu community whose history goes far back. We being proud Pathare Prabhus would definitely like the world to know all the great things this small community and its people have done. 
This site is meant to increase our general knowledge about the rich heritage, culture & legacy our community possesses. Also it is intended in events from the past to the present, from good to the best and so on. 
The important facts covered here involve the history of our community, our rich traditions, the various temples our community built and even certain unknown facts covered under Did U Know?.
The contents of this site are based on research work and thus are correct to the best of our knowledge. Yet we regret any mistakes if any made unintentionally. We request you  to bring these mistakes to our notice to rectify in our next update.
Web sites are meant to cover not only information but to cover latest information. Hence we request the readers to come up with relevant articles which we would appreciate and  include in our updates.
We hope to stand by the expectations of all and hence we are open to suggestions to give our best. Since Pathare Prabhus are more closely associated with the name 'Bombay' rather than 'Mumbai', we have retained the name Bombay throughout this site.
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