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Gharguti Paav (Homemade Bread)
Maida  kg
Chana (Gram) Daal 2 tablespoon
Potatoes 3 - 4 slices (unpeeled)
Sugar teaspoon
Milk As required 
Soda Bicarbonate 1 pinch
Ghee 1 teaspoon (melted)
Salt To taste
One day prior to making the paav make the gonda (ferment the dough).
For the gonda (dough):
Take a narrow neck Kalshi (small steel pot). Add gram daal to it. Wash the potato, dry it completely and then put its slices in the Kalshi. Fill the Kalshi almost up to its rim with boiling milk. Cover the Kalshi and keep the Kalshi in a container which will provide suitable warmth for the process of fermentation. Leave this gonda for an entire day (24 hours).
On the next day take the sieved Maida (fresh). Add ghee, sugar, salt and soda bicarbonate to it. Then add the obtained fermented product (gonda) to it. Add hot milk and water. Mix gently. The mixture should have a consistency which is slightly thicker than dropping consistency. Again keep it for fermentation.
After fermentation grease a bowl with ghee and fill it with the mixture. Leave it for further fermentation till the mixture reaches the rim of the bowl. Bake in moderate heat till Golden brown. Serve with Aam ras (Mango juice) or Masala Milk.
Personal Touch
While making the gonda & making the bread i.e. uptill complete fermentation of the mixture, no one should watch the entire process.

Meghana (Shaila) P. Rane

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